Dear Affiliate Marketing Partner,

Welcome to the Fit Into Your Jeans affiliates section.  You have made a great decision to become an affiliate because self-help and the health & fitness industries are some of the most profitable online.  You are about to market a terrific product that will increase customer loyalty due to its featuring quality, proven, and easy-to-use information from several nationally-respected authorities in health, fitness, nutrition, and quickly reducing the emotional impact from emotional challenges.

This affiliate program is for you if you:

Fit Into Your Jeans Affiliates Image   Run a website, blog, forum, newsletter or e-zine that aims to give quality resources to your visitors

Fit Into Your Jeans Affiliates Image  You are an experienced affiliate marketer who wants to create an additional income stream.  This is especially true if you want multiple marketing tools designed to help you convert your visitors

Fit Into Your Jeans Affiliates Image  You are just starting out in online marketing and want to start by promoting a product which will keep your customers happy and offer them lots of freebies

Fit Into Your Jeans Affiliates Image  You simply want to make some extra cash when you participate on online communities like forums, chat rooms, video sharing sites, blogs, or other places where you can place an affiliate link

It's Easy To Get Started!

All you have to do to get started is:

1)  Review the affiliate agreement and earnings disclaimer which are on the "Legal" page.  Click the "Legal" link at the upper-left of the page.

2)  Sign up with Clickbank to get your free affiliate account.  It takes less than 5 minutes.  If you do not have a Clickbank account, click on the "Click Here" link you find at:

3)  Now create your Clickbank Hoplink, which is the special link you create in order to get credit when visitors click on your link. 


Clickbank uses a standard Hoplink format:

Since Bullpen Marketing LLC is the company which owns Fit Into Your Jeans , the Clickbank "vendor name" is:  fitjeans (no quotes or parentheses).

So the particular Hoplink to sell the Fit Into Your Jeans e-book:

All you have to do is replace the xxxxx with your own Clickbank account name.  For example, if your Clickbank name is "ABC123XYZ456789" (remember, this is a fake/example name) then your Hoplink would be:

4)  Your visitor will then be directed to a page offering a few ebooks.  Have them click on the Fit Into Your Jeans book cover and they will be directed to with your Clickbank ID as the tracking code.

5)  Assuming your visitor does not clear the "cookies" on his or her computer, you will get credit for any Fit Into Your Jeans sales for 60 days.  This allows you to send follow-up information to encourage your visitor to buy the book.  To get more information about Clickbank's Hoplink policies go to


Videos To Help You Get Started

Would you rather watch videos to help you get started?  If so, here are some quick videos to help you get started with signing up for free with Clickbank (and getting your Clickbank nickname) and how to set up your special Clickbank Hoplink to sell Fit Into Your Jeans :

Video # 1:  Signing Up For Clickbank And Creating Your Clickbank Nickname

Video # 2:  How To Create Your Clickbank Hoplink


"How Much Will I Make?"

You will earn 50% of the post-Clickbank fee sale price.  The ebook retails for $24.95 so you should expect to earn roughly $11.00 (USD) per sale.  Contact us for special incentives if you believe you will refer over 100 sales.


"What Tools Will I Get?"

You will have several tools to help you market Fit Into Your Jeans.  In addition, simply e-mail us to help you better market to your visitors.  We want to help you increase your revenues by giving you tools and giving your visitors top-quality information.

In addition to simply posting or sending out your Hoplink, you can put your Hoplink as the link behind banner ads and ebook cover graphics.  Simply right-click and download these image files for your use:



One of the best ways to convince prospects to buy through your affiliate link is to send "viral" reports which contain quality information AND your affiliate link.  You will get a list of free reports which cover numerous topics about health, fitness, nutrition, and emotional development.

Once you choose a specific report to send to your opt-in mailing list, post on a forum, or otherwise post online (or offline) you will then be able to "brand" that PDF report with your special Clickbank affiliate Hoplink.

To get the branding software and free reports (in PDF format) then click on this link: Affiliate Reports


Ebook Cover Graphic Images

Fit Into Your Jeans Ebook Cover Image      

Fit Into Your Jeans Ebook Cover Image

Fit Into Your Jeans Ebook Cover Image    



Fit Into Your Jeans Banner Image


Fit Into Your Jeans Banner Image






There are several ways you can market, promote, publicize, or announce the Metroflex Gym Guide.  Some examples include and e-zine, newsletter, your own website, or a blog.  Here are some techniques you can use on any of these provided they meet all of the appropriate conditions in the stated policies:

1)  Send A Specific E-mail To Your Newsletter/Mailing List

If you have a confirmed "opt-in" (meaning that people have opted in, or given permission to receive e-mail communications from you) mailing/newsletter list, you can send a single e-mail to that list.  This is a powerful technique, and your promoting the e-book will be the entire subject of the e-mail.  The results can be impressive from this technique, and you are welcome to modify the various e-mail articles included in the Affiliates section on this site.  You can even contact me if you need some help customizing your e-mail to make sure that it meets all guidelines as well as entices the reader to visit the website through your Hoplink.

If you do not have an opt-in list yet, you can start building one!  E-mail us for more ideas.

2)  Using Space In Your Newsletter Or E-Zine For Maximum Effectiveness

If you have a newsletter or e-zine (an electronic magazine), you can do several things to send interested visitors to Fit Into Your Jeans through your Hoplink:

  • Insert A Sponsor Ad
    • You can say that is the "sponsor" of your newsletter or e-zine and place a short ad inside the newsletter/e-zine.  You can access some example ads in the other Affiliate sections of this website.
  • Insert A Classified Ad
    • Putting a short classified ad in your newsletter/e-zine is a useful technique.  It is unobtrusive to your readers and it will make them more curious to check out the site.  You can adjust the length of the ad to meet your reader's tastes, and you can use the sample ads in the Affiliate section.
  • Insert A Simple Text Link
    • This can either be the full customized Hoplink you created or it can be a "displayed" link of Fit Into Your Jeans.  Just make sure that you follow all policies if you do not want to display your specific Hoplink.
  • Write Your Own Review & Endorsement
    • If your readers find you to be credible, you can endorse the e-book and/or write your own review of it.  You are welcome to mention the free bonuses which come along with the package (such as the "Get To Know Your Jeans" bonus report) as well. 
  • Write An Endorsement About YOUR Experiences
    • If you buy the e-book package and make progress with the information, people are going to be definitely interested in what you have to say.  You can create your own before/after photos, chronicle your experiences, and even share personal experiences with the non-training portion of the book (such as the sections on goal-setting or being an "ambassador" in your gym).
  • Put Your Link In A "Signature File"
    • If you post anywhere, many forums and internet boards discourage blatant advertisements.  They may allow you, however, to include a signature file to your e-mails which may have your Hoplink in it.  You will have to abide by the rules & policies of each specific blog site, forum, board, etc. It can be a very useful tool since it is unobtrusive. 

You may also use all of the same techniques for your website, blogs, forum postings, etc.

For your web page, you may also use any of the Banner Ads , ebook covers , or other information which is available to you on this page. 

If you wish to include an article, simply add a "Credit" and you can also include banner ads, e-book covers, etc.  Here is a credit which you may use:

This article was provided courtesy of Bullpen Marketing LLC and Fit Into Your Jeans (be sure to put your Hoplink here).  Learn how to finally fit into thse jeans you love by discovering proven, easy-to-use advice from several nationally-respected authorities.

Feel free to check back to the Affiliates section often.  There will be frequent updates in order to make your life easier to help promote this e-book package!

There are several more techniques you can use to direct traffic to your website/blog/newsletter/e-zine (such as search engine optimization, advertising, and other marketing techniques).  By putting in a few extra minutes each week you should be able to increase the odds of success!

Thank you for becoming an affiliate and make sure that you sign up for Clickbank if you have not already done so.  Feel free to make suggestions or contact me if you need additional assistance.



To learn more about how to choose specific keywords to increase the possibility of generating search engine traffic go to:



Feel free to use these as ideas for possible Pay Per Click Ads:

Look Great This Summer

How to get lean, and be in the best

shape of your life.  E-Book reveals all (you would put your Hoplink behind this link in your Pay Per Click account)


Stop Wasting Your Money

Learn the secrets that have worked

From several national authorities (you would put your Hoplink behind this link in your Pay Per Click account)



Thank you for becoming an affiliate of Fit Into Your Jeans and let us know how we can help you increase sales by giving your customers tremendous value.

Matt Mc Dermott

President, Bullpen Marketing LLC, PO Box 2384, Addison TX 75001  (214) 335-5348

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