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5 Quick Tips To Still Look Better This Summer

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June 14th,

Here are five quick things you can do to improve your physique (and your health!) and still have enough time to look better for the beach, pool, or lake this summer!

1) Drink more clean water. Work on reducing your compulsion for flavored drinks by having pure, clean water throughout the day. If you are truly addicted to needing flavor in your water, use natural sources like lemon, lime, or fresh mint

2) Get rid of foods in your house with high fructose corn syrup. The NIH recommends not eating this substance (read the book available at for the actual link). It is prevalent as a cheap alternative to the rising costs of sugar, but it is something which you want to minimize consuming.

3) Stop eating partially hydrogenated oils. Again, the NIH recommends that you don’t eat these “trans fats.”

4) Eat some veggies. Unless otherwise directed by your doctor or nutritionist, you should eat some green veggies with most of your meals. Remember that corn, carrots, and peas are ok but eating the “cruciferous” veggies like spinach, broccoli, and kale are needed more by your body.

5) Cut back on the booze. If you want to be social and have a few beers by the pool this summer, then at least resolve to have some discipline and cut back on how much you drink. You will still be social and help your body function better. Ideally you won’t have any beer or liquor; but if you realistically can’t stop drinking then at least cut back on it so that you reduce the “empty calories” in your body. Remember that alcohol has 7 calories per gram (roughly) yet no proteins, minerals, vitamins, or other items your body needs to be healthy.

Try these recommendations for a month and note the difference in your swimsuit or jeans!

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Tricks Used By Weight Loss Pills & Diet Supplements Advertisers

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February 8th,

Here is the direct link to the Podcast on persuasion tricks used by advertisers of and .

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