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Podcast With Tara Marie Segundo Is Now Available

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January 29th,

The archived podcast from the January 27 online radio interview with Tara Marie Segundo is now available. You will learn how NLP and simple techniques can make a significant impact on your life and health & fitness pursuits.

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Get “Fit Into Your Jeans” At No Charge Until January 9!

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January 2nd,

I couldn’t wait any more! I strongly stand behind the information found in Fit Into Your Jeans; and I want you to have it as it will make ANY fitness plan you follow so much easier to reach your goals.

Most people can’t reach their goals due to poor information, self-sabotage, sabotage from friends/family/coworkers, or they fall prey to manipulative advertising techniques which prevent you from getting the body you want. With so many people complaining about the tough economy AND unhappiness with their physiques I decided to do something about it!

Instead of ordering Fit Into Your Jeans, instead I found a way to make it possible for you to get the information… AND keep your wallet closed! Yes, you can get Fit Into Your Jeans (actually all 3 books in one file) for no charge.

One thing mentioned in the e-book is that people need motivation to act, otherwise they will tend to be lazy and “get around to it” at some other time. So I put a deadline of Midnight, January 9, 2009 on this offer.

You will find the one step you need to take in order to get the information you want when you visit:

Yes, you can forward this blog (or the link) to your friends, family members, colleagues, and anyone else who wants to make transforming their physiques MUCH easier.

I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s and I look forward to your success stories with the information you discover when you download Fit Into Your Jeans.

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NLP And Fitness Interview Podcast Uploaded

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November 6th,

Podcast About How NLP Can Help You With All Of Your Fitness Goals

Here is the download link for you to listen to the interview (podcast) on how you can incorporate NLP into your life. Doing this can help you speed up reaching your fitness goals much more quickly!

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Fit Into Your Jeans Author Live Online Tomorrow Night!

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October 27th,

Matt, the author of Fit Into Your Jeans, is going to be interviewed online tomorrow night, October 28. The interview will take place at 8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT on, and he will be interviewed by Tara Marie Segundo.

To find out more about Tara, go to

Feel free to call in with your questions!

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5 Quick Tips To Still Look Better This Summer

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June 14th,

Here are five quick things you can do to improve your physique (and your health!) and still have enough time to look better for the beach, pool, or lake this summer!

1) Drink more clean water. Work on reducing your compulsion for flavored drinks by having pure, clean water throughout the day. If you are truly addicted to needing flavor in your water, use natural sources like lemon, lime, or fresh mint

2) Get rid of foods in your house with high fructose corn syrup. The NIH recommends not eating this substance (read the book available at for the actual link). It is prevalent as a cheap alternative to the rising costs of sugar, but it is something which you want to minimize consuming.

3) Stop eating partially hydrogenated oils. Again, the NIH recommends that you don’t eat these “trans fats.”

4) Eat some veggies. Unless otherwise directed by your doctor or nutritionist, you should eat some green veggies with most of your meals. Remember that corn, carrots, and peas are ok but eating the “cruciferous” veggies like spinach, broccoli, and kale are needed more by your body.

5) Cut back on the booze. If you want to be social and have a few beers by the pool this summer, then at least resolve to have some discipline and cut back on how much you drink. You will still be social and help your body function better. Ideally you won’t have any beer or liquor; but if you realistically can’t stop drinking then at least cut back on it so that you reduce the “empty calories” in your body. Remember that alcohol has 7 calories per gram (roughly) yet no proteins, minerals, vitamins, or other items your body needs to be healthy.

Try these recommendations for a month and note the difference in your swimsuit or jeans!

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Post-St. Patrick’s Day

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March 18th,

If you chose to consume quite a bit of green beer or ale yesterday, chances are that today you were not at 100%! To get back on track be sure to keep drinking that water, cutting back on carbs (especially sweets) late at night, and get your body moving… even if you are only doing bodyweight squats in between commercials of your favorite program on TV.

Assuming you want to look great in your jeans, get the ebook shows you fun, easy ways on how to better Fit Into Your Jeans.

In future posts you will learn some breakthrough techniques to help you make fantastic progress toward looking great AND becoming healthier. Oh yeah… the recommendations are simple and can be done anywhere!

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New Ebook Featuring Fast Weight Loss Recommendations

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February 23rd,

One of the contributing experts to Fit Into Your Jeans, (she goes by ), just released her new ebook detailing fun ways to achieve . The ebook is titled, “Fun ” and you can order it from:

If you like the contents you even can refer the book for a percentage of the sale price. Click on the link toward the bottom of the page for more information on the .

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This video shows you how to create your quickly and easily, using the Affiliates page at as an example:

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This video shows you how to make a using Fit Into Your Jeans as an example:

For more information on how you can make money by referring

then visit the Fit Into Your Jeans affiliate program go to:

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