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Eat Healthier For No Difference In Money

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January 20th,

The other day I was with a dear friend at the grocery store, and I showed her a trick which is employed by the manufacturers of foods to present a product as being “healthy” when, in fact, it contains ingredients not worthy of your consumption.  The main culprit is any product made with .

This ingredient, a cheap alternative to sugar used by food manufacturers, is hidden in many products.  The National Institutes of Health (NIH) even recommend that people limit their intake of high fructose corn syrup as seen on these two NIH websites:

The NIH also warns against consuming foods with partially hydrogenated oils, citing several risks.  Here is just one of many pages on the NIH website warning that you should limit/eliminate foods with partially hydrogenated oils:

The other day my friend and I were in the bread section, and she wanted to buy some healthy, multi-grain bread.  There were four different types of bread from the same manufacturer, on the same shelf, side-by-side, AND all at the same price.  They were labeled with the following generic terms:

  • multi-grain
  • sugar free
  • fat free
  • whole grain

Again, all were the same price.  My friend assumed that all of these breads must be “healthy” due to the packaging and the price, relative to cheaper white bread or basic whole wheat bread.  Looking at the labels, however, we found a different story.

 Two of the “perceived healthy” versions of the bread (again, from the SAME manufacturer, on the SAME shelf, at the SAME price, right NEXT to each other) had high fructose corn syrup within the first four ingredients listed.  A third had BOTH high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils.  Only one of the four versions was free from both of these; and it just so happened to have the most slices in the package!

For no difference in cost, simply taking 10 seconds to read the food labels can prevent being your misled.  Of course, it is difficult in today’s society to completely escape foods with high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils, especially when you go out to eat; but if you make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of those ingredients when you have the opportunity to look at the food labels, you will go a long way toward increasing your health for no extra cost!

Just for fun, take an additional 10 minutes the next time you go shopping.  Take a look at all of the foods you buy which contain either partially hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup.  When you find them, consider buying another brand or alternative foods for the same price. 

While you will probably not feel the difference in just one or two meals, think about how much healthier you will be over 6 months when you make some simple substitutions at the grocery store.  If you’re lucky and find the alternatives on sale, you may even save some money while taking a great step toward getting healthier!

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